Only 1024 emerges as unique web directory with exactly 1024 spots available

November 17 06:21 2021
Only 1024 is one of its own kind of site that acts like a web directory where one can advertise your business. There are exactly 1024 spots available and the company has been doing a great job in helping people display their ads.

California – November 16th, 2021 – Only 1024 is one of the prime websites that has a unique aim. The site has exactly 1024 spots available and hence the name. It is essentially an exclusive list of websites wherein people can choose to display their aids and thereby advertise their business in the right manner.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “I intend to run this site for at least 5 years. Even if no one buys any spot. I am so commited that I already paid for the domain for 5 years in advance. Check it. The more spots are sold, the more likely that this site will be online much longer than 5 years. Think about all these (millions of?) people who will see your spot during that time.”

With the help of these spots, one no longer has to worry about monthly payments or instalments. There is no monthly fee of payment for impressions and clicks either. One simply needs to pay once and they are good to go. The spots are all unique and limited. There is also the option to edit the spot if needed. Currently, there is no charge for editing the spot but a small fee may be incurred in the future. 

The site is completely automated and this ensures that anyone will be able to use it sans hassles. All those who want to promote their site and are on the lookout for the best ways by which they could claim the ad space and find the right ways by which the business can be promoted should make it a point to check out what Only 1024 has to offer. The company has managed to catch the attention of the users so far.

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About Only 1024 

Only 1024 is one of the top websites which acts like a unique web directory. Anyone can choose to buy a spot and there are an exact total of 1024 spots that would stay live for a really long time. This is sure to push the business of the clients.

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