Intuitive Coach and Mindfulness Master Launches Book, “What the Heck is Manifestation”, the Ultimate Manifestation Guide

November 16 23:46 2021

Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal, in her latest book, “What the heck is Manifestation”, takes its reader on a journey to experiencing manifestation. With a detailed breakdown from the power of belief to the science of manifestation of energy, the book has content that helps experience manifestation in all areas of life.

“What the Heck is Manifestation”, a book authored by Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal, gives an in-depth exposition on all there is to know about the world of manifestation. With her unique writing style, she answers the questions of those looking to bring manifestation into their lives and is unsure where to begin.

In this fascinating book, Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal provides every detail on manifestation going through the entire wheel of life; business, career, health, relationship with ways to input all there is about manifestation, from the power of belief to the science of manifestation energy into everyday living.

“In this book, Tarannum Dobriyal has expertly crafted a brilliant book which will teach you ways to input manifestation into your life. Whether you’re looking to begin a journey or know someone who is, this book will be a perfect helping hand.”

Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal is an Author, speaker, and a powerful voice in the arena of energy healing, mindfulness and awakening consciousness. Tarannum has acquired a Master’s degree in  Psychology with over two decades of experience in empowering and shifting lives. She is also a certified  Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) master practitioner, TimeLine and Hypnotherapy Master practitioner.

She sensed her gifting and deep zeal to empower people right from a young age after the demise of her father and the premonition she got through her late grandfather’s spirit. This event ushered her into her gifting in college days, where she could read people’s thoughts and help them through counselling overcome that difficulty. Her journey to realising her gifting and using it to empower others was dramatically influenced by Carl Gustav Jung (Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst), Dr Stanley Krippner(American psychologist, parapsychologist and Dr J.B Rhine (American Botanist who founded parapsychology as a branch of psychology.)

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