TFM’s Social Fund brings its first university graduates

November 16 23:36 2021

At the end of October, TFM’s Community Social Fund welcomed its first class of university graduates, beneficiaries of the university scholarship program funded by this non-profit organization, created by Tenke Fungurume Mining. A white stone of TFM’s support for the emergence of the youth of its concession with a view to a better future for local communities.

These 11 successful graduates from the University of Lubumbashi and salama Higher Institute are among the first 15 students to have been enrolled in the scholarship program since its launch in 2016. As soon as they were selected for the programme, they were enrolled in the university institutions of their choice in different cities in the provinces of Haut-Katanga and Lualaba.

They were provided with support throughout their university studies. The Social Fund has carried out this task in perfect harmony with a non-governmental organisation, Reach Italia, which has a long experience in educating and supporting young people. 

“All of my education fees were paid. The company covers the costs of accommodation and restaurant…” said Mutombo wa Ndayi Judith, one of the first beneficiaries of the Social Fund scholarship program. She obtained her graduate degree in Nursing at the Institute of Higher Medical Techniques in Lubumbashi. Good news! The Social Fund has decided to extend the scholarship programme. Thus, Judith Ndayi, always determined to go higher, has embraced the cycle of bachelor’s studies, which she will be able to complete in two years. Also, in order to see her community gain momentum, she encouraged the youth of the concession to follow suit and build a pool of executives for this geographical space.

Judith Ndayi with her parents after convocation ceremony

For his part, Wilson Makuya, who won the distinction in Human Resources Management, Faculty of Economics and Management of the Protestant University of Lubumbashi, found the right words for TFM and its non-profit organization, the Social Fund. “I thank the Social Fund and TFM for initiating and supporting this university scholarship program, which leads us on the path of excellence. By investing in us, it will not only ensure our personal development but also that of the communities of Tenke and Fungurume.” he said. He says that this scholarship is a “powerful lever for raising the standard of living of the concession communities, knowing that investment in human capital is an engine of growth and development”. He too, like Judith Ndayi, taking advantage of the extension of the scholarship program, continues his master’s studies.

The parents, who came to live the coronation of their children, unanimously welcomed the decision to extend the scholarship program. In short, they want to see this program become sustainable, so that it serves a greater number of young people in the dealership. Indeed, these are “the true foundation of the future of our communities,” they said. Ndayi Mbayi Gédéon, father of Judith Ndayi, also expressed his wish about the scholarship program: “I would like to see the other parents in our community benefit from the same grace as me. My daughter was totally taken care of by TFM.” The winner’s mother, Gigi Ndayi, for her part, argued that sending a girl to school is “not at all a waste.”

Wilson Mukuya, Graduate in Human Resources Management

Like Wilson Makuya, who earned her degree in Human Resource Management, and Judith Ndayi, her degree in Nursing, 11 others have graduated in different disciplines. Five in mining, two in industrial chemistry, two in electronics, one in telecommunications, one in international relations. They will not stop there, for the most part, they too plan to rush to finally get masters.

A particularity, these students all come from the schools of the TFM concession. This university scholarship programme currently supervises a total of 74 students, including 17 girls. Most recently, in October 2021, a complement of 15 high school finalists joined the scholarship program. In parallel with the university scholarship, the Fund initiated its secondary scholarship program in 2018 and, currently, an average of 400 schoolchildren benefit from it each year, more than 1200 since the introduction of this scholarship.

One of the schools newly built by the Social FundAnd as a reminder, in its contribution to educational infrastructure, since its creation in 2010, the Fund has already handed over 10 schools to the community, and during the year 2021, it has just added five new schools that will be handed over shortly to the respective management structures.

Tenke Fungurume Mining, a subsidiary of China Molybdenum Inc (CMOC), established the Community Social Fund in 2010 to further integrate the community into the development of community projects.

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