Taoyuan, Taiwan won the 2021 IFLA Asia-Pacific Landscape Architecture Outstanding Award by turning terraced fields into ecological parks

November 10 06:51 2021

Dayou Terrace Ecological Park, located in Taoyuan City, Taiwan Province, combines social culture and ecological restoration with low environmental impact method, and stands out in the “Cultural and Urban Landscape Category” organized by IFLA Asia-PAC Landscape Architecture Awards in 2021, and won the highest award “Outstanding Award”.

Organized by IFLA Asia-Pacific Region, this competition has 397 entries. Dayou Terrace Ecological Park is located in Taoyuan District, and presents the local biodiversity and social culture with the low environmental impact method of sustainable operation. Outstanding in the category of “Culture and Urban Landscape” of the completed projects, and won only one outstanding award among 60 works.

The ecological park with terraced fields is planned to have three major areas: ecological terraced fields, beautiful food and light areas and forest challenge areas, providing recreation space for all ages. The ecological terraced areas and the beautiful light-eating areas include nostalgic water terraces, water flooding and ecological pools with ecological education significance, and children’s favorite retro grindstone slide, game bunkers and playgrounds. The forest challenge area is planned to be shared by all ages. There is the first rail zip line in Taiwan Province, and there are also belt-shaped game areas such as climbing mountains and climbing walls for experience.


In addition, with the ecological rehabilitation of terraced fields, the old “grain-sunning ground” is set on the slope, which is not only a playground suitable for the whole family, but also an ecological education field, providing consultation and registration services for people’s environmental education courses, so that everyone can know more about this land. The large terraced ecological park is also connected in series with the ecological environment of Hutou Mountain nearby, providing a natural environment close to the mountains and rivers, exploring the old humanistic history and creating a new bright spot for leisure in metropolis.

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