Acroscell Builds Extensive Calcium Channels to Support Discovering Potential Compounds Targeting Ion Channels

September 02 18:27 2021
Recently, Acroscell announced the release of its calcium channels to support discovering potential compounds targeting ion channels.

New York, USA – September 2, 2021 – Acroscell, the division of Creative Bioarray, is dedicated to offering high-quality products and services for research and development in the field of pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, aiming to support the development of preclinical R&D and drug discovery. Recently, Acroscell announced the release of its calcium channels to support discovering potential compounds targeting ion channels.

As an experienced expert in electrophysiological experiments, Creative Bioarray provides customers with preliminary screening and functional analysis to help discover potential compounds that target ion channels, understand the relationship and interaction between the compound and the ion channel target. Creative Bioarray has developed a fully validated screening and analysis and stable channel expression cell line library for high-throughput screening, lead optimization research and selective analysis.

Acroscell provides a comprehensive screening library, including but not limited to sodium channels, calcium channels and potassium channels, etc. Acroscell utilizes automated patch clamp technology to test various calcium channel activities and fura-2 AM dyes using composite processing and digital cell Ca2+ imaging in single living human cells (primary culture cells or stable expression cell lines). Acroscell also provides [Ca2+]i measurements to test the influence of lead compounds on GPCR-mediated [Ca2+]i signaling pathways, such as Ca sensor receptors and other GPCRs.

In addition, Acroscell provides a series of sodium channel target screening to help treat various types of epilepsy caused by SCN1A mutations, as well as some forms of long QT and short QT syndromes caused by SCN5A mutations, progressive heart conduction defects, sick sinus syndrome and dilated cardiomyopathy, Brugada syndrome (BrS), congenital heart block. Meanwhile, Acroscell provides drug target screening for all potassium channels to support multiple sclerosis, stroke and seizures, multiple sclerosis, cancer, obesity, diabetes, asthma and autoimmune diseases.

“Based on timely communication and timely reports, Creative Bioarray is committed to working closely with your team to accelerate your project at the most competitive price.” said Hannah Cole, “Creative Bioarray provides you with preliminary screening and functional analysis tests to help you discover potential compounds that target ion channels. We have the most advanced gold standard manual patch-clamp technology, and develop a variety of automated platform testing to meet different needs.”

About Acroscell

As a mature division of Creative Bioarray, Acroscell definitely will be the ideal and reliable innovation partner in research endeavors. With the support of professional scientists and years of experience, We are capable to provide a knowledgeable, collaborative and flexible service to our clients so as to accelerated drug development and improved research quality for worldwide projects.

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