Regular Consumption of Medicines for Trivial Issues Not Good for Health, Says Research

September 29 03:21 2015

medicineNew Delhi, Tuesday, September 29 – Many people feel it is intelligent to carry all the useful medicines in their bag wherever they go to avoid sudden health complications. It is certainly ideal to practice this habit as severity of the problem can be avoided to a certain extent through this.

In view of the fact that everyone wants to stay fit but regular consumption of drugs to get rid of trivial pain in stomach, headache, body pain, nausea and throat infection when weather is in phase of transition conditions can make them see bad results in the long run.

The rise in patients reporting about a number of health issues has increased in the recent past. This is perhaps because people are getting foods that are unsafe to eat. Food adulteration is common in this day and age and consumers are eating it as they have lesser idea of its harms. If a latest study is to be mentioned then populace across the nation have been using herbal, allopathy and  homeopathy medicines since ages in order to subside pain and recover from various diseases, however, unnecessary intake of medicines can’t be called safe at all.

Focus of the populace should be to avoid seasonal flu through natural means. To treat severe cold, use of tulsi leaves, cloves, cardamom, ginger and black pepper in tea and a small tablespoon of turmeric powder in a glass full of lukewarm milk can give quick relief.  Several other natural ingredients can also boost the immunity, which must be strong if one wants to stay robust for many years to come. If changing seasons affect one’s health every time then it is an warning for the individual that he/she needs to pay attention to his/her food habits.

If truth be told then all those who rely on medicines to put a cap on smaller health issues may face its aftermaths in the near future. Tablets and pills can even exaggerate the situation after some months or years. Instead of making these parts of life, young generation, mid-aged people and elderly populace must incorporate healthy eatables in their diet which must include curd, milk & milk products, cheese, leafy greens, fruits and nuts, the  research engaged in the study revealed further.