Avoid Mobile Radiations to Stay Fit for Long, Mentions Study

September 28 04:38 2015

phoneNew Delhi, Monday, September 28 – Several studies in the recent past have proved that how hazardous are the mobile radiations. Brightness of the screen should be up to a level that doesn’t let eyes get stressed. Picking up the calls or calling someone ought to be avoided when the gadget is receiving poor signals.

In a scenario where people can’t imagine their lives without chatting tool, staying away from harmful radiations isn’t possible. But a latest research says that it would be good to use phone only when something important is to be done.

For a trouble-free life, going back to old ways of contacting may not look feasible but can bring magical change in attitude. The study emphasizes on meeting loved ones frequently rather than tagging them in various posts on social networking accounts as this  helps them grow bonding stronger, providing peace to mind, which adds to happiness. The happier a person is, the higher is the chance to lead a long life.