Make Meditation Part of Life to Have Stress-Free Existence, Says Research

September 25 02:09 2015

meditationNew Delhi, Friday, September 25 – Contemplating to a point to meditate can help people increase their capability to concentrate on particular tasks for long, mentioned a recent study that kept in mind the change in behavior of those who meditated and those who didn’t.

Since most of the people in today’s world lead a fast moving life, the thought of living a peaceful life even doesn’t come in view. Individuals should blame themselves for increasing level of complications. It’s all about the attitude of human beings how they deal with problems to solve complexities witnessed at different phases.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that every person is in hurry as if a delay of a second will change the whole scenario for them forever. Not everyone can be punctual but rather than rushing in the last moment, it would be great to wake up a little bit early to effectively manage all chores and finish them promptly, with or without anybody’s help.

It is very simple to find many people who work in office full time and even take home extra work since it isn’t easy for them to meet deadlines. Why efforts can’t be made to utilize office hours, which last for 8 to 9 hours, and spend the remaining time of the day with family and kin? Adding further, the researchers engaged in citing the importance of meditation said that poor management in different departments is the key cause of mental stress. They have come to this conclusion after bearing several opinions and lifestyle led by the youngsters, mid-aged and elderly populace in mind.

In order to put a cap on unwanted pressure, nothing could be a better option than meditation, which could help people solve complicated issues with immense ease. Focusing mind for a short span of time at a place which is perfect to meditate gives better results, which are noticeable too in a little while. Benefits of chanting mantras and some breathing techniques are huge too. When one takes out time to meditate, he can notice major changes in approach to sort out a number of problems without getting hyper.

The moment depression starts to set in post facing defeats and failures, meditation can come to your rescue. This lends a hand in letting you accept disappointment and be ready with new energy to face fresh challenges. Meditation, at least for 10 to 20 minutes, must be practiced by school going kids, office & college goers, homemakers and retired persons. It improves immune system of the body, keeps anxiety at bay and provides sense of calm. To get  unmatched energy for an entire day, sun gazing is best, the study mentioned further.