Rely on Home Remedies to See Frequent Transformation in Hair and Skin

September 24 04:48 2015

hairNew Delhi, Thursday, September 24 – In a fast running life of today, people hardly get time to care for their skin and hair. Those who manage to take out some hours from busy schedules book their appointments in eminent parlors.

Hardly people know that quick results, which even last for long, can be earned just by using a few kitchen ingredients wisely. Onions, though, bring tears to eyes but its paste can be used to treat white hair. The grey tresses will turn black in few days if applied frequently.

To make skin glow and get pink, intake of carrot and beetroot juice becomes must. Pomegranates do the same job within a short span on time. Magical change in skin & hair is possible but the need is learn about the specific properties of various kitchen elements.