Increase Intake of Fresh Juices to Stay Young for Long, Says Study

September 23 03:22 2015

juiceNew Delhi, Wednesday, September 23 – The importance of having wholesome meals each day is known to all as these being vital for unproblematic survival. However, a newest study has brought the benefits of consuming freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices to light.

It said that to meet the requirement of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients of the body, intake of fresh juices must be increased. These are pivotal to achieve optimal immune health as well.

While pointing out the health benefits of vegetables in the forms of soups or juices in regular diet, the research cited that those who have a glass of juice, which is prepared by blending mixed vegetables and pulpy fruits, are more likely to stay in good health and shape than those who strive for soda drinks.

Inclusion of beetroot, spinach, farm fresh carrots and red tomatoes to prepare a dark color juice is a huge source of transporting essential nutrients inside human body. Most of the people skip their breakfast in a hurry to be at their work place on the dot. Story hardly changes another morning. To get rid of this, importance of freshly crushed juices should closely be known. True love for nutritional fluids could come to rescue if getting stuffed for next few hours isn’t possible due to tight schedule.

Vegetable soups take energy levels up and give feel good factor being something that’s easy to digest.  To attain focus and mental strength, incorporation of juices turns a ‘must to do’ job. If it is not feasible to have these every day to match up the necessary amount, attention should be shifted to the drinks with nutritional punch that can offer matchless energy.

To make soups delicious, addition of rice and cheese balls can be  done without giving a thought. For an exotic twist to calabash juices, some hint of lime and mint must be introduced. Same experiments are workable on cucumber too.  If fennel seeds and cumin powder are sprinkled,  the taste enhances. To delight the palate, soy milk can be used in more ways than one. The moment one becomes friend with baby spinach, peas and sweet baby corn, he unlocks the key to healthy living.

In place of artificial sweeteners while blending the veggies, the better way to lift its taste is to add some jaggery. Sodium, in ideal amount, could be good option for blood pressure patients. In order to put a ceiling on signs of ageing, it would be a wise decision to stop gorging eatables prepared from refined flour and excess sugar. Ideal weight can easily be maintained if food lovers don’t keep a distance from nutritional veggies. This will help eaters look younger and feel energetic despite being old, the research stated further.