Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd Presents Ultimate Environmental Test Chambers To Study the Performance of New Products in Various Manufacturing Industries

December 09 14:56 2020
Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd introduces world-class environmental test chambers used in different manufacturing industries to test and examines products under environmental conditions.

Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd is renowned for manufacturing and distributing the ultimate in environmental test chambers, so it stands to reason that these would be up to par. The company has over 20 years of experience developing meticulous products that challenge the boundaries of what a testing and examining experience can be. They have developed a wide range of units that are used in various fields such as automotive, medical, and electronics, etc. In terms of design, these units are made of high-quality materials and components for optimal performance and longer service life. These devices offer enclosed spaces with specific conditions of temperature, relative humidity, water spraying, UV light to allow testing of the product for its quality and reliability, technical defects, and possible manufacturing flaws. They are also used to examine the effects of sudden and extreme environmental fluctuations on the product. “These test chambers are used to mainly check the humidity and temperature ranges. Furthermore, they can detect this defect even if there is a small defect,” said Mr. Gerald LI, the company representative, during an interview.

Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd Presents Ultimate Environmental Test Chambers To Study the Performance of New Products in Various Manufacturing Industries

Constant Temperature Humidity Test Chambers comes with numerous features and technologies for testing products in different environmental conditions such as humidity and temperatures. Similarly, it is used in various manufacturing industries to examine and evaluate if a particular product can be stored and transported at high low temperatures. The unit is equipped with Japan UMC1200 programmable controller, anti-corrosion 304 mirror stainless steel, NiCr Heater, a refrigeration dehumidification mode, Low noise motors, Leakage and outage protection, automatic water supply with low water alarm function, etc.

Whenever a product is manufactured and developed, the manufacturer must verify its durability and reliability. Second, it is also essential to consider when and where this product can be used. To determine the suitability and reliability of a product, Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd issues a temperature test chamber. This chamber is compact and specially designed to test the reaction of different products under different conditions. It has a large transparent screen for viewing, air circulation for even airflow inside the device, low-noise, high-temperature resistant motors, etc. This unit is extremely simple to use, reliable, environmentally friendly, and has a robust construction. The outer body of this model is constructed from a reinforced steel plate with electrostatic spraying.

The Benchtop Temperature Test Chamber is exclusively designed for testing new products. It provides an accurate and sensitive reading of temperature and humidity controls, as well as determining whether a given product can withstand high or low temperatures. It’s lightweight and can even stand on a bench. This device is popularly used to test electronic parts, auto parts, laboratories, and research institutes. This device comes with a programmable touch screen controller, an anti-corrosion SUS304 mirror stainless steel, etc.

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Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd is based in China and has been producing high-quality environmental test chambers for more than 20 years and supplying to various countries around the world such as China, Germany, Japan, USA, Brazil, etc.

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